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oraimo Smart Mirror Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror

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Brightness Memory Mode

Stable Suction Base

Type-C Charging

Custom Brightness

Simulate Natural Daylight

High Clarity Panel

Smart Mirror OPC-ML1N


Product Parameters:

Size: |?1787*2932MM
Rated Voltage/Power: 5V/4W
Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
Luminous Flux: 100lm
Color Temp: 5000-5500K
Ra: ?Y80


Product Features:

High Clarity Panel
Clearly See Your Facial Details
Especially designed for makeup and skin care. The big and high clarity panel helps you capture your facial details clearly, creating the most suitable makeup for you.

Close to Natural Daylight
Reflects the Color Accurately
The Ra of SmartMirror could achieve 80. Higher Ra means more accurate color. Make up yourself with SmartMirror, and get the most gorgeous makeup look.

Custom Brightness
Meet Brightness Request in Various Light Conditions
Long press the button to adjust the brightness.

*Using in the dim light condition
*Using in the natural light condition
*Using in bright light condition

Brightness Memory Mode
Remember Your Performance of Brightness
SmartMirror can remember the brightness state you set last time, which is convenient for you to use.

Human-centered Design
Gain Optimum Using Experience

Ajdust the panel's angle, get a comfortable position while looking into the mirror.
*The maximum adjustable angle is about 40??.

Stable suction helps SmartMirror to stand firmly on the table and won't be pushed down easily.

Using without Connecting the Power
Designed for Convenience
This mirror has a built-in 1800mAh battery that allows you to use the mirror without connecting it to the power source. You can use the SmartMirror anytime and anywhere, even when you are in an emergency and there is no power available.

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May 11, 2024

As advertised

This mirror is exactly what I was looking for

Reviewed by Amor Verified

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May 10, 2024

Great product

bright mirror, works as the assistant when I am making up

Reviewed by Dezi Verified

Helpful? (0) (0)
May 09, 2024

True magnification

Nice Quality Mirror, awesome!!!

Reviewed by ponytail Verified

Helpful? (0) (0)
May 08, 2024

Good product

Tested and trusted

Reviewed by Mon cherie Verified

Helpful? (0) (0)
May 07, 2024


This product dey the work wey i buy am for

Reviewed by Goodly Verified

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Smart Mirror Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror